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Types of PVC Cable and Wire for Sale at Cost Price

DelightFire is a cable company that manufactures and supplies PVC cable and wire. You can buy our PVC cables and wires in several AWG sizes, conductor counts, compounds, and voltage ratings. We provide our products in both custom and stock.

What is PVC?


Poly Vinyl Chloride is a synthetic polymer, which is very popular around the world. It is thermoplastic and repels oil, solvents, and ozone. PVC wire cable are the most popular and ideal selection for cable insulation and jackets, due to relatively low cost.

What are the advantages of PVC insulated cables?

PVC insulated and coated cables have many types of uses. These applications are varying from fixed wiring to flexible installations. Also, you can buy it in different sizes, colors, and conductor materials.

PVC insulated electrical cables

PVC insulated cables are much suitable to use as electric cables in many situations because of their fire-resistant quality. These cables are durable, can bear a bigger tension force, and resist acids and other chemicals. Also, it work on a wide temperature range, which is normally from -40 to 105°C. With the assist of different kinds of additives, we can increase the water and sunlight resistant and moderated smoke emission qualities of PVC wire cables.

PVC Cable Products

There are many types of cables that you can buy from DelightFire Cables. All of our products are up to international standards and here are some of our most popular cable products.

H05V-K / H07V-K Cable Flexible panel wire
H03VV-F Cable Domestic and office power supply
H03VVH2-F Cable General wiring in public areas
H05V2V2-F Cable Portable tools power supply
H05VV-F Cable Domestic appliance power supply

Not only the standard PVC electric cables and products mentioned above, but we also provide you with technical engineering support to develop personalized wires and cables designs according to your application and personal preferences.