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DC Power Cable for IP Camera?

What would be a safe (as in adhering to the electrical code and won’t start a fire or even just damage the camera) solution to the short power cable?

Use a DC power extension cable, one end female, the other end male, that will extend the 12V DC further to your IP camera. Make sure your DC extension cable is certified by either CSA and/or UL(C), and it should be safe enough to use. Make sure it’s not subject to water, elevated humidity, direct heat, etc.

DC Power Cable for IP Camera
Wire harnesses can be made from anumber of durable materials


DC power cables can be made from several durable materials.
Some of the most common include PVC, Vinyl, Thermoplastic elastomer,…

Do you want to customize DC power cable?

Do you want to do customize wire harness

With the introduction of various media into our public life, electronic media has brought unprecedented enjoyment and convenience to our lives. Power cable plays an important role in connecting various electronic devices. Next, we will introduce one of the power cables – the DC power cable.

What is a DC Power Cable

A DC power cable is an electrical cable used to connect two DC devices or a DC device and a DC power source. It is a wire that transmits electricity, the way of transmission is the point-to-point transmission. DC power cable is also known as a DC power cord.

What is a DC Power Cable

DC Power Cable Types

There are many types of DC power cable products. Examples include DC power extension cables, DC cables male to male, DC power splitter cables, USB to DC power cables, and DC power supply cables. A DC power supply cable is used to connect a DC power adapter to a device that uses DC power. Typically, they are available in different lengths and have a different type of plug or receptacle on each end.

DC Power Cable Types

DC Power Cable Features

DC power cable is mainly composed of four parts: the conductor, the insulating layer, shielding layer, and shelter layer. The DC power cord generally has two lines, one is completely black, and the other is black with a solid white line in the middle, of which the completely black line is the negative pole, and the other is the positive pole.

What’s the Difference Between DC Power Cable and AC Power Cord?

We believe that everyone is no stranger to power cables because many electrical appliances in our lives need them to be used, such as computers, lighting, home appliances, etc. So what is the difference between DC power cables and AC power cords?

AC Power Cord

An AC power cord is generally a power cable for alternating current. The so-called alternating current generally refers to a voltage or current whose magnitude and direction change periodically. Its most basic form is sinusoidal current. The standard frequency of AC power supply is 50 Hz, and the form of AC power changing with time can vary. AC power cord is widely used in the entry line of household appliances between 125~250V, as well as 380V appliances commonly used in industrial production;

DC Power Cable

A DC power cable is a wire used for a DC power supply. The so-called DC power refers to the current whose magnitude and direction do not change with time, also known as constant current, a closed conductive loop composed of DC power supply and resistance. In this circuit, a constant electric field is formed. Outside the power supply, the positive charge flows from the high potential to the low potential through the resistance; in the power supply, the non-electrostatic force overcomes the electrostatic force and then reaches the low potential. At high potential, this cycle forms a current closed line. Therefore, the DC power lines are 3.0V, 6.0V, 9.0V, 12V, and other common voltages, such as batteries and chargers.

Now everyone knows the difference between AC power cords and DC power cables because power cables are related to household appliances’ use effect and life, and even everyone’s personal and property safety.

We believe that everyone is no stranger to power cables because many electrical appliances in our lives need them to be used, such as computers, lighting, home appliances, etc. So what is the difference between DC power cables and AC power cords?

DC Power Cable Applications

DC power cable is very common in daily life, but it is also an indispensable tool for many machines, instruments, and tests. DC wire is widely used in digital products, small appliances, and testing. At present, the application of the DC line is basically in the power output and charging of various digital products and small household appliances. The function is simple but indispensable. It is the basic element of the electronics industry, so it is very versatile.

DC Power Cable Applications

  1. DC output: The DC power cable can transfer the switching power supply or transformer through the DC current to other places, such as liquid crystal displays, surveillance cameras, notebook computers, and equipment controller power supplies.
  2. Charging mobile phones and digital cameras: When we usually buy mobile phones, others will send a charger DC cable. In addition to charging our usual mobile phones, the DC line can also be used to transfer data.
  3. Camera: When uploading the pictures in the camera to the computer, people are used to taking out the memory card inside. The easier way is that we can use a DC power cord to do a transfer, so it is not easy to damage the memory card in the camera, and you don’t have to buy a card reader.

The use of the DC power cord is diverse and cheap, which is very beneficial to people’s daily lives.

Where To Buy DC Power Cable?

We hope this DC Power Cable Buyers Guide provides everything you need to know about the DC power cord you need. Our objective in providing this information was simple: Whether it’s a DC power extension cable that you need, a DC power supply cable, or a DC power splitter cable that you’re looking for – this information should help you.

DC power cable production process

It’s now time for you to source the right DC power cable for your application. But, before you ask yourself: Where is the best place to buy a DC power cord near me – and rush to place an order, consider the following:

Who the DC power cable assembly manufacturer and supplier is?

Are they experienced?

Have they been in the DC power cord business long?

Do they have the expertise and knowledge to produce high-quality products?

Here at DelightFire, we have vast experience manufacturing and supplying some of the best DC power cables in the industry. Our well-respected production process and extremely diligent quality assurance standards ensure our products are of the highest quality available on the market.

Of course, when you’re looking to buy the best DC power cables in the business, one factor always matters Pricing! At DelightFire, we’ve made it a point to make quality and professionalism a hallmark of our business. While many of our other peers and competitors in the DC power cable industry link lower prices to cheaper quality. But we are different. You’ll find value for money when you buy or custom your cables from us.


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