18 Gauge Insulated Tinned Copper Wire Red/Black Color

This wire made with PVC jacket and copper is applicated to electronics, toy car batteries, lighting, etc. We also support customized with small MOQs at competitive prices, and all products are RoHS compliant.

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Red/black 18 gauge insulated tinned copper wire made with high quality PVC jacket and copper wire is applicated to SM JST connector, electronic, toy car battery, battery holder lead wire, solar panel, led strip lights and bulb lamps lighting, can be customized with small MOQs. Let us start making the best offer for the 18 Gauge Insulated Tinned Copper Wire.

18 gauge insulated

What is 18AWG wire?

The number in front of AWG (e.g., 24AWG, 26AWG) indicates the number of holes the wire has to pass through before forming its final diameter; the larger the number, the more holes the wire has to pass through, and the smaller the diameter of the wire. 18AWG wire is a guide to the number of holes the wire has to pass through before forming its final diameter, which is 18.

Specifications of 18 gauge electrical wire

Conductor Quantity: 2
Wire Color: red, black
Conductor Size: 18AWG
Construction (No./mm): 34/0.14
Conductor Material: tinned copper
Insulation Material: PVC
Available Wire Lengths: 100m/roll
Outside Diameter: 2.1mm
Operating Voltage: 300V max.
Temp. Rating: -20 ~ 60°C
Compliance: RoHS

Package Includes:

1 x 100m/roll 18 gauge electrical wire


  • Note: The cable length, color, and type can be customized; please freely contact us and ask for the price and minimum order quantity!

18 Gauge Stranded Wire Diameter:

What is a 18 gauge electrical wire used for?

The thickness of a wire is expressed in its gauge or by reference to the American Wire Gauge (AWG). 12AWG wire is thicker than 18AWG wire. Wires 12, 14, 16, and 18 are the most common audio speaker wires. Stranded wire is more flexible and more accessible to wire than solid core wire and can withstand vibration and bending; therefore, it is more commonly used for audio speaker wiring.

The manufacturing process for stranded wire is much more complex, so it will cost more to manufacture. The thickness of the wire you choose is vital as it affects the overall resistance of the speaker circuit. As a result, it involves the power transfer between the amplifier and the speakers. Resistance is a measure of current resistance. 16AWG has less power loss and is, therefore, more suitable for speaker or extension cables unless the load is small and the cable needs to be hidden.

Delightfire has maintained its wire and cable niche for over a decade, insisting on excellent quality based on the market and using it to provide customers with high-quality wire and cable, including 18AWG wire. If you are busy with a wire and cable project, please contact us or submit a quote request.

Weight 2.0 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm



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