1 to 3 Way DC Power Splitter Cable Barrel Plug 5.5mm*2.1mm for LED Strip

This 1 to 3-way DC power splitter cable is easy to split your CCTV cameras, LED strip lights, and other home electronics that need DC Power. It is 30cm long, featuring a female 2.1 mm*5.5 mm jack and 3 male plugs. We also support customized with small MOQs at competitive prices, and all products are RoHS compliant.

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When we buy a roll of light strips we may need to cut it up and use it in different places, so how do we power them? This is where a 1 to 3-way DC power splitter cable may be used.

What is an LED strip?

The soft Strip is also known as LED strip lights, and the English name is LED Strip. The product shape is like a strip, so called soft Strip.

What is an LED strip

Flexible LED Strip is the use of FPC assembly circuit board, with SMD package (SMD) of high brightness LED as the light source, every 3 lights for a unit, every 50 cm for a large length unit, the thickness of this product is only the thickness of a coin, does not occupy space flexible LED Strip is free to cut, can also be arbitrarily extended, and light is not affected.

Because the use of FPC material is soft, can be arbitrary bending, folding, winding, and can be arbitrarily moved in three-dimensional space and expansion and break; it is suitable for irregular places and narrow spaces, but also because it can be arbitrary bending and winding, suitable for advertising and other decorative arbitrary combination of various patterns.

5050 LED strip lights

LED strip lights are DC 12V power supply, low power consumption, silicone potting, bright luminous colors, uniform color mixing, not easy to damage, beautiful appearance, safe and reliable, and simple installation can be said to be another innovation of the LED series!

Can you connect multiple LED strips to one power supply?

Yes, a single LED power supply can be connected to more than one LED strip length with a DC power splitter cable. As long as the total wattage of your LED strip lights doesn’t exceed that of the power adapter supply, you can wire as many separate strips as you wish.

For example, if you want to connect three led strip lights to one power supply, you only need to buy a 1 to 3-way DC power splitter cable.

Can you connect multiple LED strips to one power supply

What is a 1 to 3-way DC power splitter cable?

1 to 3-way DC power splitter cable with one female 5.5mm jack on one side and 3 male power plugs on the other. It is perfect when you want to use one power supply to power multiple low-power devices, like 5050 LED strip lights.

What is a 1 to 3-way DC power splitter cable

Specifications of 1 to 3-way DC power splitter cord

Conductor Quantity: 2
Wire Color: black
Male Wire Conductor Size: 20AWG / 0.5mm2
Construction (No./mm): 21/0.15
Outside Diameter: 4.0mm
Inside Diameter: 1.5mm
Female Wire Conductor Size: 22AWG / 0.3mm2
Construction (No./mm): 17/0.14
Outside Diameter: 3.5mm
Inside Diameter: 1.3mm
Conductor Material: stranded copper
Insulation Material: Polypropylene
Jacket Material: PVC
Available Wire Lengths: 30cm
Operating Voltage: 300V max.
Temp. Rating: -20 ~ 60°C
Compliance: RoHS

Package includes:

1 x 1 to 3 Way DC Power Splitter Cable

Note: The wire gauge, cable length, and color can be custom. Please freely contact us and ask for the price and minimum order quantity!

What is the 1 female to 3 male DC Power Splitter Cable connector size?

black DC power splitter cable male female connector size

What is a 1 to 3-way DC power splitter cord used for?

This 1 to 3-way DC power splitter cord is ideal for LED strip lights, CCTV cameras, lamp bulb lighting, or anything that requires DC input and accepts a 5.5mm 2.1mm plug.

1 to 3-way DC power splitter cord applications

Where To Buy 1 female to 3 male DC Power Splitter Cable?

We hope this LED strip lights buyers guide provides everything you need to know about connecting multiple LED strips to one power supply. Our objective in providing this information was simple: Whether it’s the LED strip lights you need or a DC power splitter cable that you’re looking for – this information should help you.

It’s now time for you to source a suitable 1 female to 3 male DC power splitter cable for your application. But, before you ask yourself: Where is the best place to buy a 1 to 3-way DC power splitter cable near me – and rush to place an order, consider the following:

Who the DC power cable assembly manufacturer and supplier is?

Are they experienced?

Have they been in the Wire Harnesses business long?

Do they have the expertise and knowledge to produce high-quality products?

Here at DelightFire, we have vast experience manufacturing and supplying some of the industry’s best 1 to 3-way DC power splitter cords. Our well-respected production process and extremely diligent quality assurance standards ensure our products are of the highest quality available on the market.

Of course, when you’re looking to buy the best DC power cable in the business, one factor always matters Pricing! At DelightFire, we’ve made it a point to produce quality and professionalism a hallmark of our business. At the same time, many of our other peers and competitors in the cable industry link lower prices to cheaper quality. But we are different. You’ll find value for money when you buy or custom your 1 to 3-way DC power splitter cable from us.

You also may be interested in others Wire Harnesses products. It is helpful to finish your LED strip lights project.

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