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What is AC power cord and the type of AC power cord?

stranded AC power cord design

With the development of technology, the improvement of living standards, more and more electrical appliances at home, and in these appliances to have a power cord to use; different electrical appliances configuration of the cord is also different; currently according to the use can be divided into AC power cord and DC power cord, the most used is the AC power cord. Many people may not know what the AC power cord is, the following Peter to popularize: What is the AC power cord and AC power cord types

Power cord

The power cord is the wire that transmits the current. Usually, the way the current is transmitted is the point to point transmission. It can be divided into AC power cord and DC power cord according to the use, usually AC power cord is through the higher voltage AC wire, while the DC line is basically through the lower voltage DC power.

What is an AC power cord?

AC power cord is a kind of wire through the higher voltage AC, due to the higher voltage of this kind of wire needs a unified standard to obtain safety certification before the official production. Its structure is mainly composed of the outer sheath, inner sheath, conductor, and common transmission conductors are copper, aluminum wire, etc.; where the copper wire AC is the core part of the power cord, mainly the carrier of current and voltage, its density size directly affects the quality of the power cord. AC power cord is an accessory for electrical appliances, but plays an important role in the use of electrical appliances; we all know that when using electrical appliances are Need to plug the power cord to be able to use, in case the cord is broken, then the entire appliance can not be used, and may even be scrapped. If the power cord for home use, it is appropriate to use BVV2×2.5 and BVV2×1.5 type of wire.

Types of AC power cord

The Type of AC Power Cord

1 UL type

The main power cord types include: SVT, SJT, ST, SPT-1, SPT-2, SPT-3, XTW wire; where S means Service, power supply line; V means Vacuum cleaner; J means Junior; T means Thermoplastic, including PVC materials; W means Weather resistance and Water resistance. UL power cord conductor is mainly through the AWG-America wire gauge to indicate that the general household and similar uses are mainly in the 22 ~ 12AWG range, which indicates the current load capacity of the wire, while it is through the MIL to expressed, based on the cross-sectional area and conductor resistance to measure.

2IEC class

The type of wire: 227 IEC 52,227 IEC 53, HO3VVH2-F, HO5VVH2-F, HO3VV-F, HO5VV-F, HO7RN-F; where 227 refers to the IEC publication number – the standard 52 for PVC wire, 53 refers to its specific number.

Power cord丨What is AC power cord, and AC power cord types are basically these, for more information, please pay attention to DelightFire Technology 

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