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What are IEC and Schuko Connectors?

The computer is one of those series for geeks that you have to see it or yes. Especially if you dedicate yourself to this world of technology, in it, there are two consolidated patch cords that, at least I, have used a hundred times: Have you tried turning the computer off and on? and above […]

Power supply cord : use an old one or a new one

The power supply cord is an essential element that gives power to our computer. We tell you if it is better to use an old one or not. Being a very common cable in any home, the situation can arise where we use an old power cord in a newer power supply. There is some ignorance about it, so […]

How much do you know about the types of power cord?

Telecommunications engineers are very familiar with the different plugs and sockets that are used in data centers. However, when working in a data center in another country, this can be difficult if you don’t know which power cord is used there. There are different types of standards used in the world, and in turn, different […]