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Normal Flexible Electrical Wire

The flexible electrical wires help us carry out the electrical installation easier. At delightfire, we offer to buy quality electrical conductors. Due to their manufacturing guarantee, they can also provide us security. The H07V-K electrical wire is indicated for executing permanent installations in housing, premises and offices, electrical control panels and domestic and industrial lighting, etc. They are […]

DC Cable Specifications And Safety Regulations

DC Cable Specifications And Safety Regulations The safety requirements for power cords (Flexible Cords and Cables) are clearly stated in the CSA standard C22.2 No. 49-98 edition. In order to enable readers to understand the relevant requirements before R&D and manufacturing, the labeling, structural requirements, and safety tests are hereby provided. The three parts are […]

How to Choice the Right DC Power Cable

CHOOSING THE CORRECT POWER CABLE FOR DIRECT CURRENT In any project where you need to handle electricity, there will be a time when you ask yourself, what dc power cable do I need? I will give you some clues but remember that we are working with direct and not alternating current. I have preferred to […]

The section of the earth cable

When it is necessary to earth the electrical installation, there is a question that regularly comes up, which concerns the connecting cable section between the distributed terminal block. What the NF C 15-100 standard says about the section of the earth cable: Reminder on the earthing circuit: Here is a diagram that I have already […]