22 gauge wire
22 gauge wire
What is a black 22 Gauge wire
22 gauge wire diameter
Specifications of 22 AWG wire
What are the benefits of 22 gauge tinned copper wire
What is 22 gauge wire used for

Black Color 22 Gauge Wire For COB LED Strip Lights

22 Gauge Wire in the stranded wire is used across industries and projects. Our 22 AWG Hook Up Wire meets UL and RoHS specifications. This electrical wire is versatile and of the highest quality to fit your needs.

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Black 22 gauge wire made with a high-quality PVC jacket and tinned copper wire is applicated to COB led strip lights, led drivers, toy car batteries, wire harnesses, solar panels, and bulb lamp lighting and can be customized with small MOQs.

What is a black 22 Gauge wire

What is a black 22 Gauge wire?

22 gauge wire is the standard U.S. wire gauge (AWG) with a cross-sectional area of 0.3256 square millimeters.

AWG (American wire gauge), a standard for distinguishing wire diameters, is also known as Brown & Sharpe wire gauge. This standardized wire gauge system has been used in the United States since 1857.

The value in front of the AWG (e.g., 24AWG, 26AWG) indicates the number of holes the wire will pass through before forming the final diameter. The larger the value, the more holes the wire will pass through and the smaller the diameter of the wire.

Thicker wire has better physical strength and lower resistance, but the thicker the wire, the more copper is needed to make the cable, which results in a heavier, more difficult to install, and more expensive cable.

What are the benefits of 22 gauge tinned copper wire?

22 gauge tinned copper wire is typically used to supply power in low-voltage, low-current applications such as 12V COB led strip lights, electronic toy car batteries, bulb lamp lighting, etc.

They are an ideal choice for a situation where conductors need to be routed quickly, and this 22 gauge copper wire is useful for quick installations and easy runs.

What are the benefits of 22 gauge tinned copper wire

Specifications of 22 AWG wire

Conductor Quantity: 2
Wire Color: black
Conductor Size: 22AWG
Construction (No./mm): 7/0.12
Conductor Material: stranded tinned copper
Insulation Material: PVC
Available Wire Lengths: 100m/roll
Outside Diameter: 1.6mm
Operating Voltage: 300V max.
Temp. Rating: -20 ~ 80°C
Compliance: RoHS

Package Includes:

1 x 100m/roll 22 gauge wire


  • Note: The wire length, color, and type can be custom; please contact us to ask for the price and minimum order quantity!

What are 22-18 gauge wire dimensions?

AWG CONSTRUCTION (No./mm) DIA. (mm) THICKNESS (mm) O.D. (mm) (Ω/km)
22 17/0.16 0.76 0.38 1.6 57.52
20 26/0.16 0.94 0.38 1.8 37.61
18 41/0.16 1.18 0.38 2.1 23.85

What are 22-18 gauge wire dimensions

What is 22 gauge wire used for?

This 22 gauge wire is suitable for medium and lights mobile appliances, instruments and meters, household appliances, electronic equipment, power lighting, and other flexible use places.

Can transmit control signals and power signals laid in bridges and hoses.

Input and output power cord.

Suitable for LED power lines, broadcasting, background music, electrical devices, instrumentation, telecommunications, etc.

What is 22 gauge wire used for

Where to buy 22 gauge wire?

As a professional electrical wire manufacturer from China, DelightFire can customize all types of gauge wire, such as 22 gauge wire, 20 gauge wire, and 18 gauge wire. You can get the best wholesale price from the manufacturer directly without any electrical wire distributor.

From 2012 to now, we have served more than 10000+ customers who custom gauge wire and cable as needed. Don’t hesitate anymore. Tell us your needs to custom an affordable 22 gauge wire from us.

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