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Power supply cord : use an old one or a new one

The power supply cord is an essential element that gives power to our computer. We tell you if it is better to use an old one or not.

Being a very common cable in any home, the situation can arise where we use an old power cord in a newer power supply. There is some ignorance about it, so we have decided to investigate and bring you our conclusions.

Next, we tell you if you can reuse the cable from our old PC or better use a new one.

IEC C13 connector

We refer to the well-known IEC ( International Electrotechnical Commission) connector , which we find in numerous technological devices, such as video game consoles, televisions, monitors, printers, etc. It is an input connector that supplies electricity to the computer. It is made up of three 10 amp slots where the three pins are inserted and has a male and a female.

On the other hand, in the computer we find the C14 input to which we have to connect our C13 cable . Do not confuse the C15 , which we can find in HP products or the Xbox 360 . Even if they work for our power supply, it may not work quite well.

Our advice is that you use C13 for your power supply, although something fatal does not have to happen if you use a different one.

Old or new power supply cable?

It is always safer to use a new power supply cord because it is not worn or exposed to any conditions. On the other hand, the old cable can serve us perfectly, but we can experience irregularities that are avoidable.

One way to know that the power supply cable works correctly is to connect it to our equipment, turn it on and leave it on for an hour . After an hour, touch the cable and check that it is not hot; if it is, you should change it because it is not safe and can damage the source.

Also, you should check the amps of the cable, keeping in mind that modern sources need 1 amp for every 100 watts that the power supply has. Normally, these cables usually have between 3 or 4 amps , but if we have a 700W source we will need another cable.

That said, I have personally used different cables and have not experienced anything unusual, but it is more advisable to use a cable adapted to the power supply. For this reason, we urge you to use the cable that comes in the box of your source.

In addition, almost all incorporate active PFC , making all the power that enters the source is clean and correct. There are sources that do not incorporate PFC, a detail that is important for us to include a source.

Conclusion about the power cord

In short, it is much more advisable to use a new power cord compared to an old one. However, you should not use any new cable, but preferably, you should use the one that is most compatible with the power supply, such as the one that comes in your box.

On the other hand, nothing would happen if we use an older cable or a new one that is not fully compatible. The only thing that would happen is that we will not be as safe as a new one, since it does not get the power that the power supply requires, like the equipment itself.

If you have any questions, you can comment below so that we can help you. We love to read you, so share your impressions or anecdotes with us!

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