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Normal Flexible Electrical Wire

types of flexible electrical wire

The flexible electrical wires help us carry out the electrical installation easier. At delightfire, we offer to buy quality electrical conductors. Due to their manufacturing guarantee, they can also provide us security.


The H07V-K electrical wire is indicated for executing permanent installations in housing, premises and offices, electrical control panels and domestic and industrial lighting, etc. They are easy to install thanks to their super-slip insulation and great flexibility. Non-flame propagators. We are distributors of electrical cable for homes, always offering an electrical material with unbeatable qualities.

They are cables designed under the international standards UNE-EN 50525 and IEC 60227. In addition, they comply with the ITC-BT Electrotechnical Regulation: 9/20/26/27/30/41.

According to the section, installing the electrical cables is supplied in boxes of 100 and 200 meters, of high resistance and clearly differentiated colors. Now you have it easy to buy H07V-K wires at the best price.

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