dc power y cable
dc power y cable
white DC power y cable mal connector size
white DC power y cable femal connector size
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What is a DC power y cable used for

セキュリティ CCTV パーキング カメラ LED ストリップ ライト用 DC 電源 Y ケーブル

This DC power y cable is easy to split your CCTV cameras, LED strip lights, and other home electronics that need DC Power. It is 30cm long, featuring a female 2.1 mm*5.5 mm jack and 2 male plugs. 小さなMOQでカスタマイズされたものを競争力のある価格でサポートします, すべての製品はRoHSに準拠しています.

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What is a DC power y cable?

DC power y cable, also called DC power splitter cable or 1 to 2-way power splitter cable, it one side with a female 2.1mm*5.5mm jack, the other side with 2 male plugs. It is ideal for security CCTV parking cameras, LED strip lights, digital set-top boxes, wireless devices, TV, or any application that requires connectivity with power.

What is a DC power y cable

Specifications of DC power y cable

導体数量: 2
ワイヤーの色: white
Male Wire Conductor Size: 20AWG / 0.5mm2
工事 (番号/mm): 21/0.15
外径: 4.0んん
内径: 1.5んん
Female Wire Conductor Size: 22AWG / 0.3mm2
工事 (番号/mm): 17/0.14
外径: 3.5んん
内径: 1.3んん
導体材料: 撚り銅
断熱材: ポリプロピレン
ジャケット素材: PVC
利用可能なワイヤ長: 30cm
動作電圧: 300V max.
臨時雇用者. 評価: -20 〜60°C
コンプライアンス: RoHS


1 x DC power y cable

ノート: ワイヤーゲージ, ケーブルの長さ, そして色は習慣である場合もあります. お気軽にお問い合わせください。価格と最小注文数量をお尋ねください。!

The DC power y cable raw material

The DC power splitter cable conductor material is oxygen-free copper and covered with PVC.

What is Oxygen-free copper?

Oxygen-free copper (OFC) – is copper with high purity, very little oxygen content and other impurities, has a lower internal resistance, is not easy to oxidize, and its conductivity is 0.5% に 2% higher than that of general TPC copper. There are so-called 4N, 5N, 6N, 7N, and 8N copper in purity, and it can reach 4N (99.99%) copper, which is very good. Because it is not easy to measure with general instruments, it is difficult to judge how many N. According to the crystal structure, there are polycrystalline copper, large crystal copper (LC-OFC), and single-crystal copper (OCC), all of which are to minimize the resistance and reduce the crystal over effect. But the price is high, and ordinary consumers rarely care.

What is Oxygen-free copper

Oxygen-free copper has no hydrogen embrittlement phenomenon, high conductivity, good processing performance, welding performance, corrosion resistance, and low-temperature performance OFC (oxygen-free copper): metal copper with a purity of 99.995% is generally used in audio equipment, vacuum electronic devices, Among the electrical and electronic applications such as cables, there is LC-OFC (linear crystalline oxygen-free copper or crystalline oxygen-free copper) in oxygen-free copper: the purity is above 99.995% and OCC (single crystal oxygen-free copper): the highest purity, at 99.996 % and above are further divided into PC-OCC and UP-OCC, 等.

The difference between oxygen-free copper and pure copper

Oxygen-free copper: Oxygen-free copper is made of high-purity cathode copper, and the melt is covered with calcined charcoal.

Lid, smelting, and casting under sealed conditions produce purple with an oxygen content below 3010-6 copper.

Pure copper: It is the copper with the highest copper content, and ordinary pure copper is the mass fraction of copper that is not low

at 99.7%; oxygen-containing copper with very few impurities has a purple-red appearance, so it is also called purple copper.

What is PVC?

PVC’s full name is Polyvinylchloride, the main component is polyvinyl chloride, and other components are added to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, flexibility, 等. The top layer of this surface film is lacquer, the main component in the middle is polyvinyl chloride, and the bottom layer is a back coating adhesive. It is a well-loved, popular, and widely used synthetic material.

The DC power y cable raw material

What is the DC power y cable connector size?

white DC power y cable mal connector size

white DC power y cable femal connector size

What is a DC power y cable used for?

This DC power y cord is ideal for LED strip lights, CCTV cameras, lamp bulb lighting, or anything that requires DC input and accepts a 5.5mm 2.1mm plug.

What is a DC power y cable used for

Where To Buy DC power y cord?

We hope this DC power y cord buyers guide provides everything you need to know about the DC power splitter cord you need. この情報を提供する目的は単純でした: Whether it’s a DC power y cable you need, a CCTV camera DC power supply splitter cable, or a DC power extension cable that you’re looking for – この情報はあなたを助けるはずです.

Where To Buy DC power y cord

It’s now time for you to source a suitable DC power y cable for your application. しかし, 自問自答する前に: Where is the best place to buy a 1 女性から 2 male power y cable near me – そして慌てて注文, 以下を検討してください:

Who the DC power y cable assembly manufacturer and supplier is?


Have they been in the DC power cable business long?


ここDelightFireで, we have vast experience manufacturing and supplying some of the industry’s best DC power y cables. 私たちの尊敬される生産プロセスと非常に勤勉な品質保証基準により、当社の製品は市場で入手可能な最高品質であることを保証します.

もちろん, when you’re looking to buy the best DC 電源スプリッター ケーブル in the business, 1 つの要素が常に重要! DelightFireで, 私たちは、品質とプロフェッショナリズムを私たちのビジネスの特徴とすることを強調しました. While many of our other peers and competitors in the cable industry link lower prices to cheaper quality. しかし、私たちは違います. You’ll find value for money when you buy or custom your DC power y cord from us.

You also may be interested in the DC power extension cable products. It is useful to extend the power supply cord with your CCTV camera project.

重さ 0.033 kg
寸法 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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