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2020 Buying Guide to Electrical Wires and Cables

Types of PVC Wire and Cable for Sale at Cost Price

DelightFire Technology Co., Ltd is an electrical wire manufacturer and supply based in China. We can customize all kinds of electrical wire cable, wire harnesses, electrical cable, and low voltage wires, etc. We can handle designing and producing any led wire cable and are willing to work with small and large MOQs.


From the 2012 year to now, we have served more than 10000+ customers who custom wire and cable as they need. Let us be your partner and remove the stress of sourcing and producing high-quality wire cable in China.

When considering your wire’s choices, it’s important to understand the differences between electrical wires and electrical cables. Be sure to choose the right electrical wires and electrical cables to you can safely power all of your devices and networks.

Electrical Wires vs. Electrical Cables

Although the terms wire and cable are often used interchangeably, electrical wire is one electrical conductor and electrical cable, like your AC power cord cable, is a group of wires (or conductors), encased in sheathing. Our electrical cables and wire cables allow you to do everything from mounting that brand new flat-screen TV on the wall, to purchasing coaxial cables to complete your next wiring project.