DC 12v power cord
black dc power cable male plug size 5.5mm 2.1mm
black dc power cable female socket size 5.5mm 2.1mm
flexible black DC power cable
black dc power cable eco-friendly PVC material
how to use dc 12 power cord extend power adapter connect with IP camera
DC 12v power cord

3m Schwarzes 12-V-Gleichstromkabel für Netzteiladapter

This DC 12v power cord totals 3m in length, ideal für CCTV-Überwachungskameras, Router, oder jede Anwendung, die eine Stromverbindung erfordert. Wir unterstützen auch kundenspezifisch mit kleinen MOQs zu wettbewerbsfähigen Preisen, und alle Produkte sind RoHS-konform


What is A DC 12v power cord?

In China, the DC cord, also called DC connector, English is direct current; the DC 12v power cord products currently on the market mainly refer to the DC cords series that plays the role of charger and audio transmission. There are many specifications for the plug series of DC power adapter cords: mainly gold-plated nickel/common English fork/common slot/flat speaker/long body short body/inner and outer diameter/tail shape/color material, etc.! The DC cable refers to the direct current electronic connection wire, which is often referred to as the weak wire.

What is A DC 12v power cord

What are the benefits of a DC 12v power cord?

There is mainly DC power cord in the market: DC data extension cords, DC wiper extension cords, DC charging power extension cords, waterproof DC power extension cords, etc.

dc power cable male female connector 5.5mm 2.1mm

DC power cords are widely used in electroplating, electrolysis, and testing electronic equipment. Electroplating is attaching a metal film to the surface between metals or other materials due to electrolysis. It can provide the product with wear resistance, conductivity, and corrosion prevention. The process is the process of generating current through a DC line connection to achieve gold plating. Now it is widely used in some heavy industrial production; electrolysis should have been in contact with us when we were studying.

flexibles schwarzes Gleichstromkabel

We will be exposed to electrolysis experiments in our chemistry class. Through the connection of electrodes and electrolytes, using DC cables, chemical reactions are generated through power generation. To prepare the required products and use the DC power cable to connect the electronic instrument for testing, the direct current can be used to achieve this goal because it is necessary to obtain relatively stable data within the specified period. The electronic test equipment of the DC power cable mainly includes testing, analyzing, and testing the performance, quality, and safety of electronic products.

What colors are available with a DC 12v power cord?

The available colors in a 3m length DC power cord are black and white. Die Drahtstärke, Kabellänge, und Farben können mit kleinen MOQs angepasst werden. Informationen zum Abschließen eines Gleichstromkabelprojekts, Bitte lesen Sie diesen Artikel DC power cord Custom Service.

black round cable 22 gauge wire inner red black color

Spezifikationen von 22 gauge wire DC 12v power cord

Leiter Menge: 2
Drahtfarbe: Schwarz
Leitergröße: 22AWG / 0.3mm2
Konstruktion (Nr./mm): 17/0.14
Leitermaterial: verseiltes Kupfer
Dämm Material: Polypropylen
Jackenmaterial: PVC
Verfügbare Drahtlängen: 3m
Außendurchmesser: 3.5mm
Innendurchmesser: 1.3mm
Betriebsspannung: 300V max.
Temp. Bewertung: -20 ~ 60 Grad
Beachtung: RoHS

Paket beinhaltet:

1 x 3m dc power cord

Notiz: Die Drahtstärke, Kabellänge, und Farbe kann benutzerdefiniert sein. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns unverbindlich und fragen Sie nach dem Preis und der Mindestbestellmenge!

What is the DC power cord size?

schwarzes Gleichstromkabel Steckergröße 5,5 mm 2,1 mm

schwarzes Gleichstromkabel, Buchse, Größe 5,5 mm, 2,1 mm

What is a DC 12v power cord used for?

The use of DC power cords is diversified, and the price is cheap, which is very beneficial to people’s daily life.

how to use dc 12 power cord extend power adapter connect with IP camera

Computer. As long as the model is standard, the DC power cable can transfer the data on the computer to other places.

Mobile phones. When we usually buy a mobile phone, someone else will give it a DC data cable. In addition to our usual mobile phone charging, the USB DC power cable can also be used to transfer data.

Cameras. When uploading pictures from the camera to the computer, people have always been accustomed to taking the memory card inside. The simpler way is to use a DC power extension cord to do a transfer. Doing such a transfer will not easily damage the memory card in the camera, and there is no need to buy a card reader.

Are you looking forward to a DC 12v power cord manufacturer?

As a professional dc 12v power cord manufacturer and supplier from China, DelightFire can customize all DC power cords, such as DC power extension cord, DC power pigtail cable, DC-Splitterkabel, and waterproof DC power cable. You can get the best DC power cable wholesale price from the manufacturer directly without any distributor. Aus 2012 jetzt, wir haben mehr als gedient 10000+ customers who custom wire and cable as they need. Zögern Sie nicht mehr; tell us your needs to custom an affordable Gleichstromkabel from us.


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