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What is a DC power splitter cable?

DC power splitter cable one side with a DC power socket, the other side with 2, 3, or more DC jack plugs. It is perfect for when you want to power multiple low-powered devices from one power adapter. They speed up a production line, but they also expedite in-field installations. Most customers find that the time saved more than compensates for the cost of the splitters.

Types of DC power splitter cable

We sell DC power splitter cable types, wie zum Beispiel 1 zu 2 way, 1 zu 3 way, 1 zu 4 way, 1 zu 8 way, etc. They are male to male DC power splitter, female to female power splitter, or female to male power splitter.

Types of DC power splitter cable

DC Y splitter cable / 1 zu 2 way female to male power splitter cable

This 2-way DC power splitter cable is easy to split your CCTV security cameras, LED strip lights, and other home electronics needing DC Power. It is 30cm in length and features 1 female 2.1mm*5.5mm socket and 2 male 2.1mm 5.5mm plugs. It provides a simple solution for power connectivity.

1 zu 2 way female to male power splitter cable applications

1 zu 4 port female to male power splitter cable

It is a 1 zu 4 port DC power splitter cable that is typically used to share a low voltage power source with up to four devices, such as 12V DC CCTV security cameras. This splitter cable can also be used with different devices in the same installation. For example, you may connect 2 video CCTV cameras and 2 audio surveillance microphones as long as all devices use the same low-voltage power – 12V DC. The single end of the cable has a 2.1mm male plug, and the quad end has four 2.1mm female connectors. You can see an installation/wiring example here.

1 zu 4 port female to male power splitter cable applications

1 zu 8 way female to male power splitter cable

This DC power splitter cable splits the power from 1 zu 8. This splitter cord allows you to power 8 cameras with one power supply. Na sicher, you have to make sure that your one power supply has enough amperage to power your cameras and account for the voltage and amperage drop (power drop) in your cable run.

1 zu 8 way female to male power splitter cable applications

What are the benefits of a 12v DC power splitter cable?

12V DC power splitter cable is fewer failures caused by miss-wiring. It is easy to make mistakes when you are under the pump, and any opportunity for wiring errors is removed by using these splitter cables.

How to install with 2 surveillance cameras & 2 audio mics with DC power splitter cable?


The above diagram shows a typical security camera installation using the DC power splitter cable to share one power supply with four 12 volt DC security cameras. This is how it works.

1. The 12V DC power supply adapter gets power from a standard power receptacle.

2. The 12V DC power supply adapter connects to the 2.1mm input of the splitter.

3. Each of the four 2.1mm outputs can be connected to a pre-made Siamese security camera cable.

4. The BNC video output (noted above in orange) connects to the BNC video input of the security camera DVR.

5. The other end of the security camera cable connects to the security camera’s BNC connector and power input (noted in green).


The above installation/wiring diagram shows how the 1 to 4-way DC power splitter cord can be used to share a single 12V DC power adapter supply between two HD security cameras and two audio surveillance microphones. This lead splitter can be used with analog CCTV, AHD, HD-TVI, HD-CVI, any other security camera, audio surveillance mic, or any other electronic device that uses low voltage and standard 2.1mm power connections.

Where To Buy DC Power Splitter Cable?

We hope this DC Power Splitter Cable Buyers Guide provides everything you need to know about the 12v DC power splitter cord you need. Unser Ziel bei der Bereitstellung dieser Informationen war einfach: Whether it’s a DC power splitter cord you need, a CCTV camera DC power supply splitter cable, or a DC power extension cable that you’re looking for – Diese Informationen sollten Ihnen helfen.

Where To Buy DC Power Splitter Cable

It’s now time for you to source a suitable DC power cable for your application. Aber, bevor du dich fragst: Where is the best place to buy a DC power splitter cable near me – und beeilen Sie sich, eine Bestellung aufzugeben, Folgendes berücksichtigen:

Who the DC power splitter cable assembly manufacturer and supplier is?

Sind sie erfahren?

Have they been in the DC power cable business long?

Verfügen sie über das Fachwissen und das Wissen, um qualitativ hochwertige Produkte herzustellen??

Hier bei DelightFire, we have vast experience manufacturing and supplying some of the best DC power cables in the industry. Unser angesehener Produktionsprozess und äußerst sorgfältige Qualitätssicherungsstandards stellen sicher, dass unsere Produkte von höchster Qualität sind, die auf dem Markt erhältlich ist.

Na sicher, when you’re looking to buy the best DC power splitter cable in the business, Ein Faktor zählt immer Preisgestaltung! Bei DelightFire, Wir haben es uns zur Aufgabe gemacht, Qualität und Professionalität zu einem Markenzeichen unseres Geschäfts zu machen. While many of our other peers and competitors in the cable industry link lower prices to cheaper quality. Aber wir sind anders. You’ll find value for money when you buy or custom your DC power cable from us.


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