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DC power cable also called DC power cord, and include dc power extension cable ( dc to dc cable ), pigtail dc power cables , wire harness power cable, dc power supply cable, dc power adapter cable, etc.

When and why would I use the DC Power Cable?

The DC power cable itself conducts the two sorts of power. It is the divider mole toward the end that is generally extraordinary. On the off chance that the apparatus is intended to run it n AC (mains) power, as most household machines or lights, it has merely an attachment on end. A DC machine, similar to many convenient things, for example, your phones, radios usually have largish connectors toward the future. These connectors convert AC (alternating current) to DC (Direct Current).

Can I Custom DC Power Cables as My Project?

DelightFire Technology Co., Ltd  is an professional dc power cables manufacturer and supplier in China. We are not only sale the standard dc power cable mentioned above, but we also provide you with technical engineering support to develop personalized dc power cord designs according to your application and personal preferences.

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