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Common DC Cable Connector Sheet for Power Adapter

What is a power adapter?

The power adapters commonly used in our lives are DC current, and the voltage is mainly from AC125V/AC220V to DC5V/DC12V . The product is composed of circuit board, shell, power cord and DC cable with jack connector. The picture below shows an AC220V-DC12V power adapter.

power adapter with power cord

What are the output connectors of the power adapter?

There are several types of output plugs for power adapters, with different sizes and diameters. For example, the standard ones. Each standard DC socket and plug has a standard rated voltage and current, that is, their maximum current and insulation voltage. The maximum current and power supply only need to be power than the actual voltage and current of the power supply product. If it exceeds this range, it will cause the plug of the power adapter to oxidize and heat, but it has no effect on the contact resistance, insulation resistance, and plugging force.

The output connectors of the power adapter are divided into inner and outer diameters. The common inner and outer diameters have an outer diameter of 2.5mm , which we call “ordinary ports”, and those with an outer diameter of 1.7MM are called “small ports”. There are also connectors with an outer diameter of 3.0MM. These are mainly used in notebook, but the inner and outer diameters of notebooks of different brands are different, and 2.5MM is the most common.

Generally, the diameter 3.5 is the most commonly used, and some are patented products. They will do some special change ( open private mold ) in the size and PIN length. Most of the LCD monitors on the market are built-in power adapters. The power cords are all standard D -shaped ports. The power cable only serves as a wire. Some special models of products, such as some ultra-thin or some professional monitors, and some old-fashioned products, they use the same external power adapter as a notebook, and the size of the interface is generally different from the power of the power supply. The figure below is a table of commonly used DC cable connectors.

Common DC Cable Connectors Sheet

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