At DelightFire, we put a strong emphasis on quality. Our knowledge and expertise in the heart of our quality assurance process and promise of excellence to our customers.

Our mission is to provide manufactured wire & cable products in accordance with the highest quality standards in the industry while continuously evaluating and improving our processes to keep them in line with industry best practices.

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Our Certifications

Our wide range of certifications stands as a testament to our quality and reputation. Those certifications include:

ISO company certification

ISO 9001. Based on the idea of continual improvement, ISO 9001 is designed to help businesses and organizations function more efficiently, with a focus on safety, reliability, and quality. The ISO 9001 certification displays our company’s ability to run with increased efficiency while focusing on quality and safety.

DELIGHTFIRE RoHS certification 1

RoHS. Restriction of Hazardous Substances is governed by European Union Directive #2011/65/EU. This certification regulates the number of hazardous materials a manufacturer is allowed to use in their products, ensuring consumer safety. These hazardous materials include lead, mercury, cadmium, PBBs, PBDEs, and hexavalent chromium.

DELIGHTFIRE CCC certification

CCC. The China Compulsory Certificate mark, commonly known as a CCC Mark, is a compulsory safety mark for many products imported, sold, or used in the Chinese market. It was implemented on May 1, 2002, and became fully effective on August 1, 2003.

DELIGHTFIRE CE certification

CE Mark. The CE Mark stands for “Conformitè Europëenne,” which means our materials conform to all applicable safety regulations, including the European Harmonized Performance and Safety Standards, and are suitable for sale within the EEA (European Economic Area).

DELIGHTFIRE UL certification

UL.Underwriter’s Laboratories is a known expert in safety testing, certification, and inspection. UL safety testing procedures occur in conjunction with OSHA and represent the highest industry safety standards.

DELIGHTFIRE CSA certification

CSA. CSA Group is a global organization that seeks to establish safety and performance standards across industries worldwide. There are 57 different areas the CSA deals with, including the certification of electrical components.

DELIGHTFIRE VDE certification

VDE Association for Electrical, Electronic, and Information Technologies. VDE is a European organization with over 100 years of experience combining scientific advancement, standardization, and safety testing. The VDE mark is a sign of manufacturing quality across Europe.

DELIGHTFIRE PB certification

LF.LF stands for “Lead-free.” It is a manufacturing certification granted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that states your product is free from dangerous amounts of lead.

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At DelightFire Electrical Wire and Cable, our extensive list of certifications displays our dedication to providing safe, high-quality products. Contact our experts to learn more today.

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