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The section of the earth cable

When it is necessary to earth the electrical installation, there is a question that regularly comes up, which concerns the connecting cable section between the distributed terminal block. What the NF C 15-100 standard says about the section of the earth cable: Reminder on the earthing circuit: Here is a diagram that I have already […]

How to extend a specialized electrical circuit (20A)?

I received a request regarding a specialized electrical outlet problem. The initial location of this 20A plug changed, and the length was no longer the right one. What to do when it is impossible to pull a new dedicated network for this specialized outlet? Is it possible to extend a specialized electrical circuit? Here is […]

Electrical Cable 3G6mm2 (or 3G10mm2), electrical connection of the hob

When it comes to doing electrical installation, any savings are worth making. It is in this context that a reader questioned me because he had the opportunity to recover 6mm2 electrical cable. Electrical Cable 3G6mm2 (or 3G10mm2), electrical connection of the hob When it comes to doing electrical installation, any savings are worth making. It […]

The elements of the electrical installation: Electric cables

Electric cables or electrical conductors allow current to be carried throughout the home. The definition is simple, but the use of conductors is highly regulated in standard NF C 15-100. The conductors are made of copper, covered with colored plastic, a color that will indicate in some cases the type of wire (phase, neutral, or […]

The different types of electric wires

You have no doubt noticed that there are different types of wires for the household electrical installation. Before seeing why such a variety of electric wires, I will introduce you to those, you may encounter during your electrical work. A bit of vocabulary: electric wire, electric conductor, insulated conductor, and electric cable You will hear me […]

Cable protection

Cable protection includes various elements to protect wires, cables, and cords, extend their lives, and contribute to safety when working with machines and in factory halls. (P) Question / Definition: What is cable protection? Cable protection is indispensable, especially in the industrial sector. The demands on materials, the abrasion resistance, tensile strength, and dimensional stability […]

Cable: construction, production, application

Cables consist of individual electrical or optical conductors (cores), which are connected with insulating material. Question/Definition: What is/are cables? Also often sought: cables, cores Difference Cable Line Cables and wires are used in information technology and electrical engineering. Both are used for the energy supply of electrical energy or the transport of information. The terms […]