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DC wiring (part 2)

All the necessary information for a correct wiring installation Isolation switches A battery isolation switch can be used to isolate the battery (or battery bank ) from the rest of the electrical circuit. Or to isolate a DC electrical source or consumer from an electrical circuit. Being able to isolate the battery or DC power […]

DC wiring (part 1)

Selecting the right electrical cable In a system, it is important to use the correct thickness of the electrical wire. To select the correct electric cable, it is necessary to know the currents in a system. To avoid using very thick cables, the first thing to consider is increasing the system voltage. A system with […]


ELECTRICAL CONDUCTING CABLES In our day-to-day life,  electricity and its sources quietly transfer electrical current, but they play an important role every day. Our day begins with wearing these transmitters, and it ends with them too. These transmitters of electricity have and need electrical cables everywhere from ceiling fans, led tubes, light bulbs, and appliances in the […]

Electricity basics: 12V DC installation

Electricity basics: 12V DC installation It is possible that you have never stopped to think about it, but removing large appliances such as the refrigerator or the washing machine, which work directly with 220V alternating current, the vast majority of devices that are plugged in operate at very low voltages (between 5v and 12V ) and indirect current (dc […]

installation at 12v dc some technical aspects to take into account

When working with 12V DC installations it is appropriate to make some technical considerations. We explain you all the data to take into account voltage drop,ohm,ohm,electrical power,electrical resistance,resistivity,installation installation at 12v dc some technical aspects to take into account When we work with 12V DC installations, it is appropriate to make some technical considerations. Before […]


EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ELECTRICAL CABLES What is an electric cable? An electric cable is one whose purpose is to conduct an electric current. Generally, the electrical cable is usually made of copper due to its high conductivity of aluminum with less conductivity but cheaper than copper. What is a unipolar, bipolar, multipolar cable …? We start with the […]

Copper Wires and Copper conductors

Electrical cables as conductors of electricity, copper and aluminum cables, insulation of electricity cables, China copper wires manufacturer. Copper conductors We all know copper cables, conductors of electricity in our house, or our electrical appliances. Electrically conductive wires are usually made of copper or aluminum, although they can also be made of other metals or alloys. Copper […]

What cable section should I choose for my electrical installation?

6 types of guides for electrical wiring An important part in the development of residential electrical installations is wiring; There are many ways to get cables from register to register; In cases where the sections are short and with few bends, the cables can even be inserted directly as long as 40% (or more) of the tube area […]

Red/Black color 22 gauge wire for audio

22 Gauge Wire FOR CONNECTING SPEAKERS OR SOUND SYSTEM The wire is especially suitable for connecting loudspeakers in public address or sound system, home cinemas, or similar. In short, to broadcast music signals in professional or domestic facilities. Top wire’s red/black color audio cable is 2-wire and easy to separate. Its design is based on UNE […]

What cable section should I choose for my electrical installation?

The NF C 15-100 standard governs the choice of the section of the electric cable or wire for your electrical installation. A domestic or industrial electrical installation is made up of at least: Electric wireselectric wires: H07VU, H07VR, U 1000 R2V, H07RNF… Electrical panel : Resi 9 Schneider Electric, Legrand Drivia Modular switchgear , to be installed in a box: […]