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2020 Hot Sale Electrical Cable & Wire and Applications

2020 Hot Sale Electrical cable, Electrical wire, applications with power supply, lighting, computer, telecommunications, security, medical, etc.

pvc wire design

At DelightFire Electrical Wire and Cable, we are the experts in application engineering support and can successfully develop a unique product, tailored to your exact specifications.

Rapid changes in technology have increased the demand for higher performance levels. There’s no question that the right application design assistance can significantly reduce costs, without performance trade-offs.

Through nearly 10 years of business, DelightFire has served a verity of markets and industries by delivering

cable wire products with the ability to meet challenging application requirements and stringent industry standards. Whether your custom requirement is for 5000 feet or 100 pieces, we can design and manufacture your custom design cable, wire harnesses, power cord set, or dc cables to meet your needs.

Our quality assurance processes guarantee high-quality products.

DelightFire electrical wire and cable’s strict quality assurance program begins with incoming inspection and continues through the entirety of the manufacturing process, to ensure all products meet precise specifications and performance standards. With our thorough quality assurance program in place, customers can rest assured knowing they are receiving the highest quality of products.

  • Incoming Inspections
  • On-Line Real Time Measurement Systems
  • Functionality Testing
  • Bend Testing
  • Coil Cord Life Testing Systems

Our wide range of standard and custom services allows us to serve a variety of industries and markets.