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What is AC power cord and the type of AC power cord?

With the development of technology, the improvement of living standards, more and more electrical appliances at home, and in these appliances to have a power cord to use; different electrical appliances configuration of the cord is also different; currently according to the use can be divided into AC power cord and DC power cord, the […]

What are IEC and Schuko Connectors?

The computer is one of those series for geeks that you have to see it or yes. Especially if you dedicate yourself to this world of technology, in it, there are two consolidated patch cords that, at least I, have used a hundred times: Have you tried turning the computer off and on? and above […]

Power supply cord : use an old one or a new one

The power supply cord is an essential element that gives power to our computer. We tell you if it is better to use an old one or not. Being a very common cable in any home, the situation can arise where we use an old power cord in a newer power supply. There is some ignorance about it, so […]

3 ways to strip an electrical conductor

The stripping of conductors to make splices or connections in residential electrical installations can be done with a knife or special stripping pliers. Conductors are usually stripped at the ends, from which enough insulation is stripped to make the connection. There is no fixed measure of the size of the section to be peeled. For example, for electrical contacts, you need about 1.5 […]

Common DC Cable Connector Sheet for Power Adapter

What is a power adapter? The power adapters commonly used in our lives are DC current, and the voltage is mainly from AC125V/AC220V to DC5V/DC12V . The product is composed of circuit board, shell, power cord and DC cable with jack connector. The picture below shows an AC220V-DC12V power adapter. What are the output connectors of the power adapter? There are several types of output plugs for […]