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Low Voltage Electrical Cables

DESIGNATIONS OF LOW VOLTAGE ELECTRICAL CABLES DESIGNATIONS OF THE LOW VOLTAGE ELECTRICAL CABLES In this blog post, we are going to explain the methods of naming power cables, designated voltage cables up to 0.6 / 1 VK; we will see the different types that are most common in Spain. All the different UNE standards published […]

Normal Flexible Electrical Wire

The flexible electrical wires help us carry out the electrical installation easier. At delightfire, we offer to buy quality electrical conductors. Due to their manufacturing guarantee, they can also provide us security. The H07V-K electrical wire is indicated for executing permanent installations in housing, premises and offices, electrical control panels and domestic and industrial lighting, etc. They are […]

How much do you know about the types of power cord?

Telecommunications engineers are very familiar with the different plugs and sockets that are used in data centers. However, when working in a data center in another country, this can be difficult if you don’t know which power cord is used there. There are different types of standards used in the world, and in turn, different […]

DC Cable Specifications And Safety Regulations

DC Cable Specifications And Safety Regulations The safety requirements for power cords (Flexible Cords and Cables) are clearly stated in the CSA standard C22.2 No. 49-98 edition. In order to enable readers to understand the relevant requirements before R&D and manufacturing, the labeling, structural requirements, and safety tests are hereby provided. The three parts are […]

How to Choice the Right DC Power Cable

CHOOSING THE CORRECT POWER CABLE FOR DIRECT CURRENT In any project where you need to handle electricity, there will be a time when you ask yourself, what dc power cable do I need? I will give you some clues but remember that we are working with direct and not alternating current. I have preferred to […]

DC wiring (part 2)

All the necessary information for a correct wiring installation Isolation switches A battery isolation switch can be used to isolate the battery (or battery bank ) from the rest of the electrical circuit. Or to isolate a DC electrical source or consumer from an electrical circuit. Being able to isolate the battery or DC power […]

DC wiring (part 1)

Selecting the right electrical cable In a system, it is important to use the correct thickness of the electrical wire. To select the correct electric cable, it is necessary to know the currents in a system. To avoid using very thick cables, the first thing to consider is increasing the system voltage. A system with […]


ELECTRICAL CONDUCTING CABLES In our day-to-day life,  electricity and its sources quietly transfer electrical current, but they play an important role every day. Our day begins with wearing these transmitters, and it ends with them too. These transmitters of electricity have and need electrical cables everywhere from ceiling fans, led tubes, light bulbs, and appliances in the […]

Electricity basics: 12V DC installation

Electricity basics: 12V DC installation It is possible that you have never stopped to think about it, but removing large appliances such as the refrigerator or the washing machine, which work directly with 220V alternating current, the vast majority of devices that are plugged in operate at very low voltages (between 5v and 12V ) and indirect current (dc […]

installation at 12v dc some technical aspects to take into account

When working with 12V DC installations it is appropriate to make some technical considerations. We explain you all the data to take into account voltage drop,ohm,ohm,electrical power,electrical resistance,resistivity,installation installation at 12v dc some technical aspects to take into account When we work with 12V DC installations, it is appropriate to make some technical considerations. Before […]